Shark tank is a very popular American TV show which features aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world who are making their efforts to make their dream come true. A panel of selectors and investors who are also known as the sharks persuade them to make an investment in their business idea. Many of the entrepreneurs have left the show with empty hands while many of them managed to grab the best business deal of their life. The show is very popular and has invested millions of dollars in the past seasons.

A most recent season featured the two sisters named as Angela and Yoojin Kim who have topped the season by grabbing the most expensive deal in the history of the show. Both the sisters have managed to manufacture an anti aging cream which has grabbed the attention of all the investors. Almost all the investors were ready to buy their anti aging cream in the exchange of certain amount of money. The episode also went viral on all the social media sites as well as on the other video sharing sites. Both the sisters very frequently realized that the game is now on their side so they negotiated a lot with all the investors and after long conversation both of them finally agreed on the amount of $2.5 million which is 25% of the company. Both the sisters have launched their product on a very small scale and platform, but with the help of this investment they might succeed in launching their shark tank miracle cream on a global platform.

About the Product

After getting so much attention, most of the women do want to know more about the cream and how does it work on their face. During their presentation at the shark tank, both the sisters have answered all the questions of the investors very confidently and explained the working and benefits of their cream. Both the sisters have worked with the beauty care company and have developed many beauty care products for them. They have used their experience and knowledge while making the anti aging cream for the women.

According to both the sisters, their anti aging cream is very effective in treating the signs of anti aging, wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots and eye bags and many other types of issues that most of the women start to feel as they age. They told the investors that they can apply this cream around their forehead, around their eyes and mouth where most of the fine lines do appear. They also said that the cream also makes the face blood vessels smooth and allows the constant flow of blood which is required by the cells and tissues. The cream restores your skin back to its original state by providing the proper nourishment to the skin cells as well as makes the skin plump and elastic. The cream provides much needed moisture to your skin cells which makes the skin look new and young. The cream is also very effective when it comes to treating skin dryness, redness and many other types of skin conditions.